Regiopolitan Rumble

Two day conference

Thursday 19th and Friday 20th May 2022 – Heerlen, The Netherlands
In English

IBA Parkstad invites you to the two-day ‘Regiopolitan Rumble’ conference, on Thursday 19 May and Friday 20 May 2022 in Parkstad. We will look into challenges and potential of the regiopolis, explore different planningformats and present the best of IBA Parkstad. More info ›

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About the program

The Regiopolitan Rumble conference explores the challenges and potential of the regiopolis, the little brother of the metropolis, but more fragmented and with unclear boundaries where the city starts and ends. A fit example of such a region – of which many exist in Europe – is the Parkstad region in the south of the Netherlands.

Since 2014 IBA Parkstad has been working to strengthen the structure of the Parkstad region. During the conference the results will be presented and explored by bike. Also, what future opportunities does the regiopolis offer with regard to climate change and biodiversity. Other planning formats, such as for example Cultural Capital, will present their experiences and approaches for this type of regions. The conference will be concluded with a dialogue on further development of these regions in Europe and in Parkstad in particular. Get ready to rumble and connect with professionals in the field!


On Thursday 19 May we will explore Regiopolitan Parkstad by bike on our way to one of the mini-conference ‘The Climate of Parkstad’, ‘Biodiversity’ and ‘RE-SETTLING. Join one of the three mini-conferences of your choice, choose your favorite!

Mini-conference I:
The Climate of Parkstad

Led by: Dirk Sijmons
Gen Coel, Heerlerheide

Climate policy will be the paramount policy subject of the next decades, and the energy transition will be its ‘Moonshot Project’. Leading speakers will shed their light on the two sides of the transition with lectures on sustainable electricity generation and heat production and the possibilities for energy savings. More info > 

Mini-conference II:

Led by: Martin Prominski
De Reusch, Schimmert

The dramatic loss of biodiversity in recent decades is one of the biggest challenges for the survival of humanity. This process happens against the background of the recently declared new geological epoch of the Anthropocene, which expresses that human influence has now reached every square centimeter of the earth´s surface and every cubic centimeter of its atmosphere. More info > 

Mini-conference III:

Led by: Arnold Reijndorp
Wilhelminaberg/Snow World, Landgraaf

Beyond the growing metropolitan areas, there are places with less name or fame. They form a polycentric network of smaller and larger places, often with an unclear morphology. In contrast to Metropolis, we call them Regiopolis. More info >


Mathea Severeijns
IBA Parkstad

Joachim Declerck
Architecture Workroom Brussels

Prof. dr. Martin Paul
Ruhr-Universität Bochum

Francesco Veenstra

em. prof. dr. Dirk Sijmons
Landscape architect

em. prof. dr. Martin Prominski
Leibniz University Hannover

Marco Pastors
Nationaal Programma Rotterdam Zuid

Prof. dr. Christa Reicher
ZL’EU (Ruimtelijke strategie Zuid-Limburg in Euregionale Context)

Sjoerd Bootsma
Culturele Hoofdstad Leeuwarden: Arcadia

Dr.  Martina Doehler-Behzadi
IBA Thüringen

Peter Bertholet
Parkstad Limburg City Region

Dr. Reimar Molitor
Region Köln/Bonn

Prof. dr. Hans Mommaas
Planbureau voor de Leefomgeving

Prof. dr. Caspar van den Berg
Universities of Groningen and Leiden

em. prof. Arnold Reijndorp
University of Amsterdam

Volmar Delheij
Regionale 2026 Bergisches Rheinland

Herman Eijdems
Mijnwater BV

Dirk Oudes
Landscape architect

Maike van Stiphout
DS landscape architects

Evert Meijers
University Utrecht

Sabine Meier
University Siegen

Maurice Hermans
IBA Parkstad

Simone van Trier
Conference chair

About the venues

Nieuwe Nor

Nieuwe Nor in Heerlen is the setting for the Regiopolitan Rumble on day one. A brand new icon in the centre of Heerlen, which has been transformed into the centre for pop culture in Parkstad, partly thanks to the support of IBA Parkstad. More info > 

Royal Theater

The historic Royal Theatre will soon be transformed into a film complex. On day 2 of Regiopolitan Rumble, you can enjoy the authentic look and charm of this venue one last time. More info >

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